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Our team developed a unique wrist-worn monitor that provides detailed health insights. With 100,000 daily blood pressure readings, it alerts you to high blood pressure, hidden cardiovascular disease risk, and signs of an impending heart attack.

Empowering users to act on signals preceding major cardiac events


ViviScout uses the power of data and AI to provide an early warning system for heart attacks. 

Our Mission

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) takes an estimated 17.9 million* lives each year and affected 126.9 million** adults in 2018. Many types of CVD are hidden—nearly impossible to detect with just yearly visits to the doctor. Our team works with experts in health science, data analysis, and hardware engineering to detect hidden CVD with continuous monitoring.

Our Approach

Using modern sensing methods similar to most health wearables, ViviScout takes photoplethysmography (PPG) signals from your wrist. Then, using state-of-the-art algorithms and machine learning, we analyze the shape of these signals to reveal what the trends of your health parameters may mean. 

HITLAB Presentation and Interview

HITLAB Presentation and Interview

Watch Now

To hear more, watch ViviScout's founder and CEO's presentation or interview at HITLAB Summit 2023

What Sets Us Apart

Our patented technology uses sensors placed on a novel location, providing actionable, near real-time insights to your health and allowing us to create unique products not present in the market.​


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